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This Site is to Honor Mary Edith Anderson (Parsons.), My grandmother, Everyone called her Gram.


This is our first People77 NewsLetter. We would like to discuss the content of our Website. The information shown in the site is the childern, grandchildern, and great grandchildern of Edith Mary & Earl Ronald Anderson. We have also included the spouses and partners of these poeple. Please check out Mary's Family Tree. Also check out Your Family Tree.


The Website includes Information about Edith Mary & Earl Ronald Anderon and their four chidern Robert (05/03/1928), June (12/31/1929), Shirley (04/28/1933), and Cynthia (03/05/1941).

Robert Anderson & Barbara Anderson (Walsh) had two childern Robert, and Carlene (02/13/1958).

June Beverly Barber (Anderson) & Melbourne Barber had four childern Beverly (01/21/1951), Ronald, (03/27/2953) Carol (12/31/1955), and Glen (04/16/1967).

Shirley (Anderson) & Robert Prouty had four childern David (08/07/1953), Donn (01/01/1955), Douglas (07/23/1962), and Dyann (08/28/1967).

Cynthia (Anderson) & Roger Collins had four childern Mark (02/02/1961), Vicki (09/05/1962), Lisa (02/27/1968), and Alaina (02/04/1972).

Your Assistance...

We need Your Assistance to keep the information up to date. Please View Gram's Family Tree. Then find your self in her tree, review your family, and let us know if we're missing anything or anyone.

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Ron Barber