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Melbourne Edward Barber
June Beverly Barber (Anderson)
Albert Charles Doucet
Marie Adele Doucet (LeBlanc)
Frank Michalik
Kazmiera Lucy Michalik (Tomasik)
Elmer Garfield Swanson Jr.
Shirley Cora Paris (Cooper)
Ronald Edward Barber
Celeste Louise.. Barber (Doucet)
Joseph Casimer Michalik
Carol Ann Michalik (Swanson)
Lee Philip Barber
Name: Lee Philip Barber
Birth: 1981-05-08
Death: 0000-00-00
[Id: 32]
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Jennifer Ann Barber (Michalik)
Name: Jennifer Ann Barber (Michalik)
Birth: 1984-02-17
Death: 0000-00-00
[Id: 277]
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Name Gender Email Birth Death Father Mother
Cameron Ashley BarberF 2011-12-08 0000-00-00 Lee Jennifer
Charlize Elizabeth BarberF 2013-05-20 0000-00-00 Lee Jennifer

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